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DIRECTION - Lion in Winter

Director STEPHANIE VLAHOS, who had been a professional opera singer, understands that The Lion in Winter is the stuff of grand opera. She gives the confrontations between the characters an intensity that arias were made to capture  ---Greg Simay, My Burbank

Director Stephanie Vlahos keeps a tight rein on her cast; they act large but never over the top. Their emotions are real and true. ---Rob Stevens, My Haines

Director, Stephanie Vlahos has done a formidable job in recreating the tone of this medieval era and presenting the life style, power struggle and family dynamics of the royal family. ---Brandon Scott,

With drama on as a majestic a scale as this, Stephanie Vlahos proves an inspired choice to direct the near operatic Lion In Winter, a play which she stages quite grandly indeed, beginning with a striking opening sequence which has characters striding across the stage one by one as Eleanor looks down from her prison tower.   ---Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

...a surefire crowd-pleaser.  Audiences will enjoy its internecine mayhem.  ---David Nichols, LA Times

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