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Over 80 students at LA's "Arts High" present "Carmen High"

"But while, today, Carmen is number four on Opera America's list of the 20 most-performed operas in North America, mezzo soprano Stephanie Vlahos – founder and artistic director of the Full Circle Opera Project, which will present "Carmen High" at the Luckman Theater in Los Angeles on March 27 at 7:30 p.m. and March 28 at 8 p.m. – is concerned that one audience in particular has yet to discover what a powerful, moving and relevant experience ´a night at the opera´ can be: teenagers. And, with "Carmen High," Vlahos is doing something about it."

Read More -Jenine Baines, Santa Barbara Chronicle

Carmen High

Oh, Carmen, You’re So Fine ...

"If I so much as mentioned the word “opera” to my 16-year-old nephew, he recoils in terror and contempt. There’s no way I’d ever give him a ticket to Carmen. Well, the regular Carmen. But now there’s a new Carmen, updated to appeal to the teenagers. Carmen Highis Extreme Makeover Bizet, recast as a high school drama and dealing with all sorts of teen-angst issues, from peer pressure and bullies to unplanned pregnancy and marginalization. The production is being mounted by the Full Circle Opera Project, an outreach program dedicated, says artistic director and famed mezzo-soprano Stephanie Vlahos, to “promoting the classical arts in a fresh, new way.” And is it ever fresh! One wonders what Bizet would say to Carmen, now a popular cheerleader, singing, “This Friday night at Frasquita’s . I know of a certain party . we’ll dance and we’ll drink and the music will be playing till morning . And her parents won’t be there!” Actually, Bizet might just think it’s totally cool."

Read More -Mary Beth Crain, LA Weekly , Illustration - Fred Noland

Los Angeles - What do you get when you cross "High School Musical"
with the opera? You get "Carmen High." Hal Eisner was at Cal State LA
and has more on a unique opera.


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